For Mercies by a Mercy (DE001)
For Mercies by a Mercy (DE001)
Growth Growth is hard. Selah. But life with God is much about our growth. We all experience pain, yes, but it is our choice to a great extent as to what kind of pain it will ultimately be. Will it be "productive pain"...
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Loving Your Motherhood (DE003)
Loving Your Motherhood (DE003)
What makes a great mother? More importantly do you feel like one? A loaded question, I know. Though subject to scrutiny from family and friends, no one is harder on a mother than herself. This class will help you discover how God feels...
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The Tension Between Principles and Divine Intervention in Business (KB001)
The Tension Between Principles and Divine Intervention in Business (KB001)
Starting and growing your own business is challenging. The nuances regarding land/office space, finances and accounting, product/inventory, marketing, time and scheduling are a few of the categories that we face. The world and culture have many...
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Establish Order (LS001)
Establish Order (LS001)
This class is designed for those who desire to bring physical order to problem areas and have not found success . . . yet! Perhaps you struggle getting started or even knowing where to start. If you were able to get started, maybe you found...
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Planning Ahead (LS002)
Planning Ahead (LS002)
Participants will develop a practical plan, gathering personal or business information and paperwork, which will allow for someone to seamlessly assume responsibility due to personal crisis or death. Have you thought about who would step in...
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Unlocking the Spiritual Treasures of Essential Oils (LS003)
Unlocking the Spiritual Treasures of Essential Oils (LS003)
You already have a plethora of effective tools in your ministry toolbox, but you know that there has got to be more tools available that will amplify your effectiveness as a healer. You have a high success rate in your healing/deliverance...
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Ministering to Babies in the Womb Practicum (LS004)
Ministering to Babies in the Womb Practicum (LS004)
Are you one of those who have listened to the Ministering to the Babies in the Womb teaching, absolutely loved the concept, but doesn’t know where to begin? Or have you started crafting blessings for your unborn child with fierce...
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