The Power of Feeling Loved (DE006B)
The Power of Feeling Loved (DE006B)
We were made to feel the love of God, not just know it. Can you feel His love? A lot of people can’t. No matter how hard they try, no matter how many verses they tape to the bathroom mirror, it just doesn’t happen. The head knows but...
Your Spirit 101: Learning to Engage and Nurture your Human Spirit (HS001E)
Human Spirit
Your Spirit 101: Learning to Engage and Nurture your Human Spirit (HS001E)
If you are a beginner, or you are not sure where you stand with your spirit relating to these things, this is the class for you. In this class, we will be anchoring each of the seven portions of your spirit in Time and Life, working to bring...
Your Spirit Coaching (HS003)
Human Spirit
Your Spirit Coaching (HS003)
In Your Spirit 101, we focused on following the lead of the Holy Spirit in order to cleanse and solidify the unique design of our God-given human spirit. We received from the Lord as He took the initiative, and we learned to respond in the way...
Hybrids: Combining business & ministry for builders (KB002)
Kingdom Business
Hybrids: Combining business & ministry for builders (KB002)
You have mined your journey and identified the principles you have lived out with authority to share. You have ideas and have invested time and energy determining where you can effectively partner with God to impact your community. Now what?...
Independent Study: Establish Order (LS001IND)
Life Skills
Independent Study: Establish Order (LS001IND)
Is the clutter and chaos in your world so daunting you have no idea where to begin, and would most people not believe your situation if you tried to explain? More than a few sturdy shovels, do you need a bulldozer to address the mess you face? ...
Life in the Word: Independent Study (LS008)
Life Skills
Life in the Word: Independent Study (LS008)
The Word of God was given as an outrageously generous source of light and life for believers. Described as being alive and active, a sword, imbued with surgical precision, the Word of God is a valuable weapon and tool. Those who learn to plum its...
Embrace Your Destiny: Independent Study (LS011)
Life Skills
Embrace Your Destiny: Independent Study (LS011)
Over ten years ago I decided that my past will not determine my future. I embarked on a continuous journey of letting go of the things that consumed me. The act of forgiveness is first and foremost the gift that I give to myself. Hatred...
Traversing Marital Conflict (LS012)
Life Skills
Traversing Marital Conflict (LS012)
God takes us down various paths in life for His purposes. Some of these paths are exciting and full of wonder while others are heart-wrenching as we find life going in a direction that does not meet our expectations. This can be especially true...
Preparing for Martyrdom (LS013)
Life Skills
Preparing for Martyrdom (LS013)
Why prepare for martyrdom? Because that is the direction history is going. Scripture announces it. The dominant forces in the culture are clearly marching relentlessly that direction. We also can see in Scripture that some martyrdom...
Independent Study:  Restoring Land (RC004)
Reconciling Creation
Independent Study: Restoring Land (RC004)
You’ve learned the basics about restoring land and you have some dirt under your fingernails. But now you want to take it to the next level. Maybe it is because you have a hunger to grow and you know this is part of your design, or maybe...

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