Intro to Conflict Management

Jesus left Judea repeatedly to get away from unproductive conflict.

He also stirred up major conflict, intentionally, when in Jerusalem, like when He cleansed the Temple.

The Pharisees baited Him for conflict and He rose to the bait almost every time, smacking them down HARD.

Herod and Pilate baited Him, and He refused to even nibble.

His life is a master class in conflict management, which is very different from conflict avoidance or conflict resolution.

This class is a standalone tool for anyone wanting to explore the field.

It is also a prerequisite for the two-day workshop on this topic in Shelby, NC on August 9th and 10th.

Course Outline

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    2. Introduction

    1. Gathering Data Overview

    2. Gathering Data Assignment

    1. Relationship vs. Objective Overview

    2. Relationship vs. Objective Assignment

    1. What to Share Overview

    2. What to Share Assignment

    1. Alternative Storyline Overview

    2. Alternative Storyline Assignment

    1. The Individual Journey Overview

    2. The Individual Journey Assignment 1: Redemptive Gifts

    3. The Individual Journey Assignment 2: The Trinitarian Grid

    4. The Individual Journey Assignment 3: The Seven Curses and Blessings

    5. The Individual Journey Assignment 4: The Seven Heads of Leviathan

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