The Art of Fathering: Your Design, Your Heart, Your Children


Fatherhood. We have, over the years, moved from a one-size-fits-all approach in parenting to then, thankfully, focusing on and learning how to father the unique design of each child. But what about your design as a father?

Being a father can be hard. It’s also rewarding. How do we father our child’s design? How do we Father from our design? Are not fathers as widely variegated as children? And shouldn’t fathering techniques flow from our design, not just our duty?


This class is about how to discover your own design as a father, and how to build a strategy that unpacks the treasures of who you are, while you are unpacking the treasures of who they are.

This class is designed so that you will see your design and the design of your child through the eyes of the Father who created you both. It’s also to understand and implement walking in the dance of greater intimacy and sonship as a father to help direct and unpack your own design. Last, it is to help your child grow in the dance of intimacy and sonship and see their own design.

Challenging? Yes. And I know you’re up for it! That’s why we’re offering this class. To walk alongside you into deeper levels of sonship and design while you continue to learn the art of being a magnificent father. Because who knows your child’s heart better?

The class format is a combination of group and individual Skype calls. You will learn in the context of others as well as receive personalized coaching specific to your design and life journey.

This course is currently in session.  It will be listed in the Course Catalog when it is available for registration.

Course Instructor

Jeff Green

I love being a father. It’s part of my design. I love how God father’s us. It’s how He loves to show up in our life daily. For me, it has been 23 years of walking down the road of being a father with 6 wonderfully different kids. It has been full of beautiful, joy-filled days and experiences. It’s also been full of adversity, tears, and heartache. The stories that we have to tell through those experiences are priceless.

The Father is passionate about you becoming a magnificent father. I am passionate about unpacking design in individuals and seeing them grow into their full potential. Identity, belonging, and purpose are inherently inscribed by the Father. Understanding and agreeing with what He writes on our heart takes work, trust, and exploration. I look forward to the journey of melding the Father’s passion and my passion in your life as a father.

Course Prerequisites

The prerequisites for this course are listed below.
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