Your Spirit 101: Learning to Engage and Nurture your Spirit


This 10-week course is designed to give you the basic understandings and hands-on learning in how to distinguish between the voices of your soul & your spirit, and to help launch you into a vital, deep relationship with your own human spirit. Each week there will be a new video (or audio, if you prefer that format) teaching, listening and Scripture assignment, and a one-on-one session where we engage with and minister to your spirit. We will have four interactive group session (through Skype or some such platform) where we can dig deeper on individual issues and questions. My goal is to help launch you into a lifetime of loving and being loved by your spirit in vibrant communication and interaction. My hope is that it will change your life the way that it has changed mine.

The course is open to beginners, to those who didn’t even know they HAD a spirit, to those who just want to go a little deeper, or those who would like to “kick-start” by focusing for ten weeks on developing and communicating with their spirit. No previous experience is needed, and the individual sessions will be tailored to fit your own personal needs in this part of your journey.

This course is currently in session.  It will be listed in the Course Catalog when it is available for registration.

Course Instructor

Cynthia Harris

I love helping people connect with God in new and deeper ways. Each person has a unique design, intricate and one-of-a-kind. Your journey with God will be different than anyone else's.

But all of us have been given a human spirit, and our spirit is designed to learn how to align with God's spirit for intimacy, wisdom, and direction. Learning how to recognize and commune with your own human spirit is a major game-changer for everything else in life. For me, it changed EVERYTHING.

I am excited about offering this course which will teach the basics of learning to partner with the human spirit, and of learning to nurture and help your spirit to grow. Many of us have found that this is where you begin to unpack some of the deepest treasures of who you are, and what God has placed in you for His own pleasure and glory. Hope you can join us!

Course Prerequisites

The prerequisites for this course are listed below.
  • Active subscription to the Sapphire Blessings App (You sign up through Google Play or Apple App Store)
  • Computer or phone to access web based group calls on Skype
  • Media device for playing mp3 audio files (iPod, phone, mp3 player, computer, etc.)